bad marketingWhen I first came into internet marketing almost four years ago, I was introduced to many Bad Marketing strategies and I tried many of them. As you probably already guessed, these Bad Marketing strategies do not work. Luckily, most of the Bad Marketing strategies are free, but I did lose something more valuable than money, time.

4 Bad Marketing Strategies On The Internet

1. Traffic Exchanges: These are websites that I can put a link to my website on. As I view other member’s websites for normally 30 seconds, I get credits. I can turn around and use these credits to have the website show members my website.

Aweber Review

Aweber ReviewLet’s look at an Aweber Review. I talked about why an autoresponder is an essential tool for internet marketing, but I never mentioned which one I recommended. There are so many out there. You have Aweber, Get Response, iContact, Constant Contact, and GVO. These are just some of the ones I know off the top of my head, there are more. The one I recommend is Aweber and in this Aweber Review I will tell you why.

An Autoresponder Is An Essential Internet Marketing Tool

An autoresponder is the essential internet marketing tool for any internet marketer to have. I was in internet marketing for almost 1 year before I got my autoresponder. If I could go back this would be one of the first tools that I would buy. Let’s look at why it is important and the most effective way to use the internet marketing tool autorepsonders.

An Autoresponder Is The Essential Internet Marketing Tool. What is it? 

Even if you are not in internet marketing, you probably already know what an autoresponder is. You are probably already on the receiving end of an autoresponder.

Why Internet Marketing Sucks

internet marketing sucksLet be truthfully here, Internet Marketing Sucks. This may be a little surprise to you, especially if you have read my other posts. I have discussed MLM is good, and why I love an online marketing system, MLSP. You may be surprised at this, but it is true internet marketing sucks, but I love it.

Internet marketing sucks, but what is internet marketing?

When I first came into MLM and introduced to the use of the internet in a network marketing company, I though that was internet marketing. Later, I was introduced to affiliate marketing, and that is also internet marketing. Some get confused here because there are many types of internet marketing. I focus mostly on using the internet as a tool in network marketing and affiliate marketing, but there are others.

100% Commissions Paid Out Instantly? What!!!!

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