skinny body care reviewSo you are looking for a Skinny Body Care Review? Maybe you heard about this business opportunity wanted an honest unbiased Skinny Body Care Review. You can also read my Skinny Fiber review about the product of this company.

First, I want to congratulate you on taking the time to do a little research. Many don’t. Furthermore, I want to let you know that this is a review from someone who signed up as a pre-enrollee at the company website, but did not join the company.

Skinny Body Care Review: Ben Glinsky

One part important factor that many ignore when they are thinking about starting a network marketing company is the owners. You want to have strong leadership from the owners (or founders) down to the reps. This is one reason I did join Numis Network.

Unfortunately, the owner or executes are absent from the company website. There is no mention of this. However, I did a little research of who owns the website. I found that Ben Glinsky did register the domain name.

I did a little search on Ben Glinsky. He has both negative and positive “reviews” of him on the internet. It does seem he has been involved in some other networking companies in the past. Except these “review” sites I could not find much more on him.

This does not mean that Skinny Body Care is a scam, but it is very concerning.

Skinny Body Care Review: The Business Opportunity

You can join Skinny Body Care at three different prices, $69.95, $129.85, and $189.70. The two higher priced levels you get more bottles of the product, and you start at a higher position in the pay plan. $129.85 you start at Silver level and for $189.70 you start at Gold level. This should mean higher commissions.

One thing that is pushed very hard on the promotional video is something called spillover. In the matrix, you are allowed three people under you. If you sign up a forth person, this person goes under one of the three people already under you.

There is some things you must understand about spillover. You will never make any money from waiting on spillover, because it will take forever.

Companies push the idea of spillover as a way to get people to take action, because they can say if you don’t sign up now you will miss all the spillover of the people who join after you. People act out of the fear of lost. This also attracts people who think they cannot sponsor anyone.

These are not the type of people want to be in business with. You will get tire-kickers or company jumpers who are here one week and gone the next. You also get people who will not do anything.

This does not mean you cannot make money in Skinny Body Care, just know you will have to promote the company to make any money.

Furthermore, when you join you will get several different types of replicated sites. Much of the training you will get is how to get people to go to that website. On one of these sites, there is an offer for a free tour to sign up.

While replicated sites do have their place, the conversion rates of people signing up at a replicated site is abysmal if you lead with these types of sites.

If you take nothing else from this Skinny Body Care review, remember people do business with people they know, like, and trust. It is very hard to build likability and trust through replicated sites.

You can only do this through branding yourself and learning attraction marketing. This is the secret to being successful in network marketing. It is not that difficult to do if you have the correct training.

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Skinny Body Care Review: Why I Did Not Join skinny body care review

You may be asking yourself, why I did not join Skinny Body Care. The main reason is there is a lot of competition in the weight lost market. There are just so many other companies out there.

In addition, I do not want to be part of two networking marketing companies at the same time. Some can do two companies, but I just want to focus on Numis Network.

In Closing, I hope this Skinny Body Care Review has helped you decide on this company.

If you are part of this company please leave a comment and let me know how everything is going.

See You At The Top,

Mole J

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