Fresh ContentEver wondered how to get Fresh Content everyday? I know from experience that sometimes I feel exhausted after writing a blog post. I start to get nervous about what should I write about next, what if I run out of ideas about what to write about. Many times I set down to write and do not have any clue about what to write about. However, somehow I always come up with an idea. Since one of the big parts of Empower Network is writing a blog post every single day, I thought I would share some things to help get started and keep coming up with ideas.

Here are some ideas to write Fresh Content everyday.

First just decide to blog everyday. It is simple, but necessary. The only times I have been able to do something continually is to decide to it no matter what. It does not matter how tired I am, how much I don’t feel like doing. I just do it.

When you decide you are creating a very important habit. By writing everyday it will become easier. As it becomes easier it will become something that you do ever day.

Over the past month, I have been blogging very often. All of this came from me deciding that no matter what. I post one post a day. It did not matter if I have to stay up until 4:00am to write a blog post I will (it is 3:17am as I write this). Next day I am tired, but I make it through.

Just decide and start. Do not worry about mistakes in grammar or spelling. I make a ton of them, and I was an English teacher (maybe that is why I am not longer an English teacher). Do not worry about your style or voice. Just pick your favorite writer and pretend you are him writing or just use your own unique style. There are always books that can help with being more effective and persuasive with writing.

Where to get ideas for Fresh Content everyday?

Much of my content comes from training that I have gone through. There is some incredible training in Empower Network going over some basic things to get you started. It is easy to follow and understand. MLSP also has great training on marketing. There are courses you can buy. I try to remain a student of everything, but at the same time try not suffer from information overload.

Reading is also a great source for fresh content. I do not read as much as I should (something I am working on). Just, 15 minutes a day is a good level to start with. I get ideas from books, other people’s blogs, forums, and updates on social media. There are so many places to get ideas from the internet, it is not called the information highway for no reason.

Listening to audio can help you in a similar way as going through the training. I have a few step-improvement CDs that I get ideas from all the time.

I take what I get from reading, audios, and training and share it on my blog.

What fresh content should you write about?

I write about what I am interested in at the time. It really does show if there is no interest in what you are writing about.

I tend to write about marketing and personal development. I like personal development because I can write about my challenges and things that have helped me overcome them. This can help someone who is facing the same challenge. In marketing, I share my experiences. What made me money, what didn’t and being very honest to help other marketers.

Decide, read, listen, and sharing are the ways to create fresh content for a blog.

Mole J


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