Google Sniper ReviewEarlier this year, I brought George Brown’s Google Sniper, and thought I would write a very honest Google Sniper Review. This is unlike all the other “review sites” you will find doing a search on Google. There is no link on my Google Sniper review or my website to buy the course. So, it is much more honest review. The other sites will recommend or write good things about the course, hoping that you buy the course, so they can receive a commission.

This also means that if you decide to buy the course, you will have to go to another site to buy it. I would not recommend this.

Google Sniper Review: What Is It?

Google Sniper is a course about how to set up a sniper site. What is a sniper site? This is a mini-Wordpress site (2 or 3 blog posts) that sells a specific affiliate product. So if someone buys the product through your links on the page, you receive a commission.

It is sold as a way to set up a site, forget about it, and make money in a passive way. There is no technical SEO of building backlinks, posting on a blog everyday, article marketing, SEO, or any other traffic generating strategy. All the traffic will come from searches done in Google because it promises that your site will end up on the first page of Google.

How will you end up on the first page of Google? As I pointed out in my Basic SEO post about keywords, you can easily rank for keywords that come before the .com or another domain (.net, .org, etc.). So, it looks like this, This is really the “secret” behind Google Sniper.

Google Sniper Review: Does It Work?

Not trying to sound as a politician here, but the answer is yes and no. You can make money from selling affiliate products online. I have sold affiliate products online and made some money from them. Many big businesses offer affiliated programs like or So this is a legitimate way to make money online.

As I stated earlier, the “secret”of buying a keyword as a domain name will help you rank your site in Google. However, Google Sniper fails is that it promotes itself as a set and forget it type of system. It does not matter what niche you choose. You will run into competition. If you are promoting an affiliate product, you are competing against other marketers promoting the same product. This will make you have to start building backlinks and adding more content(blog posts, videos, etc.) to your website.

Google Sniper gives you a good beginning to marketing affiliate products online, but it leaves out the rest. Then it claims that part that is missing is a benefit of the Google Sniper system. It sounds crazy, but that is exactly. What is happening when it says you can set and forget it. Anything on the internet that claims you can make money from a system that you can set and forget it, run far far away from it.

This may work on a new product, and you may get lucky and make some sales, but as soon as the competition comes along, and it will. Your site will drop in Google and your traffic will dry up. You will have to start getting backlinks to compete with them.

An example of this, the first listing for a search on Google Sniper is an actual google sniper site for Google Sniper product. In his Google Sniper review he talks about how good Google Sniper is and promises some bonuses if you buy the product through his site. However, just checking on how many backlinks are found for the site, Majestic SEO has found almost 5,000 backlinks for this site. Most backlink checkers under report many of the backlinks. So it is very possible he has more than 20,000 backlinks if not more pointing to his site. The owner knows some SEO and is building backlinks to his site. You must do the same to compete in the search engines.

Google Sniper Review: Should You Buy It?

No you should not buy it, because it leaves out an important part building backlinks to a mini-website. I cannot recommend that you buy it in my Google Sniper Review. There is just one exception that you may want to buy it.

If you want to know more about Clickbank, how to choose a product, some copywriting, some keyword research, and how to make a website, then this may be a good product for you. You can learn many of these basics for free from other websites and forums if you do a little searching. Some of it from the very site you are on right now;-)

If you do decide to buy it, you are signing up for a monthly charge (I believe it was around $47). First month is free when you buy the product. All this charge includes is a website you can log into to get extra training for Google sniping. I did not find enough value to continue to pay the monthly charge.

My experience:

Since I did buy Google Sniper and set up one Google sniping site I will share with you my experience. You can find the site I set up here: Magic Of Making Up Review. I did much more than a few posts and backlinking and I am on the first page of Google for a few keywords.

So for eight months of the site being online, I have made one sale. I am positive that if I had followed Google Sniper, I would not have made that one sale.

There is some fair criticism about my experience. George Brown, the author of Google Sniper, recommends that you make multiple google sniper sites. He states he can only get 3 out of 4 to work. So, they say if you are not making money with one site, pick another product and make another site. You may make money with a new product and website.

In my opinion, find a product you really like and about a subject that in. Build a website around that product and promote it. Your enthusiasm for that subject and product will come through your writing. You should never promote something just to make a commission.

In the end of my Google Sniper Review, only buy it if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and Clickbank. You can find this information free online by doing a little searching and you will have to more work than what is written in Google Sniper, if you want to sell the products on your website.

I hope my Google Sniper Review has helped you. Did you buy Google Snipper? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

Your Biggest Fan,

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