Empower Network ReviewMy last Empower Network Review looked at the things I liked about the company and some problems that are currently happening in the company. What I will focus on in the Empower Network Review is the actual product, and the idea of a pass up commission.

Empower Network Review: The Products

At the time of this writing there are three products. The first product is a blogging platform or system that is connected with a marketing funnel. The blogging system is ready to go when you join the company. No set up is required. The blogs are the opening of a marketing funnel. Many of the banners and videos encourage the visitor to go a little deeper in the marketing funnel.

David Wood has many marketing talents. One of his talents is the ability to put together very effective marketing funnels. David Wood is one of the few marketers that can generate leads and close them without even picking up the phone and calling them. Few can do this.

David Sharpe is a great copywriter. He knows the words to use to get people to take action and ultimately buy the product.

Empower Network lets you leverage these skills by the Davids. So if you have no or little skills in selling, you can use the talents of David Wood and David Sharpe to make money.

The blogs lead into a sales video that David Woods and David Sharpe made. This video is very well done and really draws people in. Some will call this hypnotic selling, because it is. This video will cause people to want to buy the product.

The next product is training on how to market Empeoror Network. If you write one blog post a day, then there is a very good change that you will make a few sales just by blogging. However, there are many other ways to market Empower Network and these trainings cover exactly what other people are doing to promote Empower Network. These trainings happen every week covering what is working now.

The last product is over 12 hours of video of a mastermind held in Costa Rica at David Wood’s house. This more training about how to succeed in your life and business. Some of the video is shown in the sales video.

Empower Network Review: Something Ethical

One thing I have always wondered about internet marketing is does the person promoting the product actually own the product. I believe there are few internet marketing does not own the product they are promoting. My personal feeling, is I will never market a product that I do not actually own myself. Everything I have ever marketed, I do own myself. In my opinion, this is only ethical.

In Empower Network, there is a 100% commission, but the commission is only on the products you own. If you don’t own the product, you do not earn a commission for that product.

What happens to these commissions? They are passed up to your sponsor or someone above you that does have that product.

Empower Network Review: The Pass Up Commission.

Let’s say that I join under you. You own all the products, but I only own the blogging system and the marketing funnel. Then John joins under me, and he buys all the products. I make a $25 commission (the cost of the blogging system and marketing funnel). The rest of the commission of $600 will be passed up to you since you own the products.

This is very refreshing in internet marketing.

Empower Network is not a MLM or network marketing company, but it does a compensation plan that most affiliate products do not have. This will be part of my next post of my Empower Network Review.

Your Success Is My Goal,

Mole J

PS. To watch a video on the Empower Network: Click Here To Watch The Video

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