Empower Network ReviewI have been in the Empower Network for almost over a week now, and thought I would write a Empower Network Review. This is just my first impression of using the system, what I like, and some problems I have seen with Empower Network. To save from going on in a long post, I thought I would break this into parts. This is the first part.

Empower Network Review: What Is It

This is a blogging platform founded by David Wood and David Sharpe. Since they are both very successful marketers, Empower Network is geared to help people make more money. This includes everyone, from the experienced marketers to the new marketer or just someone wanting to make some extra money from the internet.

The amazing thing about the Empower Network is the growth. The numbers really are insane, in the opening week over 3,000 signed up and almost %550,000 paid out to affiliates. To top it off, Alexa had the Empower Network ranked in the number one spot for What’s Hot. The screen shot above. Not bad for the first week of a business.

Empower Network Review: What I Like

Of course, the commissions are not too shabby. The commissions are 100% are paid out for referring others to Empower Network. The 100% commission is paid out daily and deposited into members’ bank account the next day (sometimes it is a 2-3 day wait depending on the bank).

Some of the advantages of this are covered in Why Internet Marketing Sucks. The 100% commission advantage is easy. It means there is more money. Most affiliate programs pay out anywhere between 5% – 75%. I do not know of any other program other than the Empower Network that pays out 100% commissions.

Being paid so quickly helps. Especially if the marketer does not have a lot of expendable money to pay for marketing. True, there are free marketing strategies, but the paid strategies are going to get more leads and sales faster. The marketer than can take the money and re-invest some back into more paid strategies to make more money.

The main marketing strategy is blogging. Each member is to write one blog post every single day. This will help increase traffic around the blogs. The blogs are optimized to get leads and sales.

The blogs are based on WordPress blogs. These are automatically set up when someone joins Empower Network. There is no set up. The marketing funnel is already set up, and it converts visitors into leads and sales. So, all the member needs to do is focus on getting traffic. This cuts down the online marketing curve immensely.

Since this is a blogging platform with a lot of new content posted everyday, its members’ content will get indexed quicker and rank easier in the search engines for some keywords.

Empower Network Review: The Problems

As with everything there are some problems I thought I should include in this Empower Network Review.

With all the people joining Empower Network, there have been times when the site has been down. There has been several moves to better servers to handle all the traffic. This has resulted in the website being down at times. It seems to be better now.

The biggest problem I have seen many complain about is the wait time to get a merchant account. With all the new members joining the merchant company has been swamped with approving the accounts. Unfortunately, without a merchant account, there is no way to market Empower Network as no on can buy the products as there is no way to make payments for them. In my experience, I got mine in a little over a day.

I am sure David Wood and David Sharpe are working on these problems. For Empower Network to survive it is essential to solve these problems.

Empower Network Review: Conclusion

Empower Network is perfect for someone who is new to internet marketing or wanting to restart their business. It is also great for someone who has very little time. It is recommended to spend 2 hours a day, 1 hour writing a blog post and another hour marketing and telling others. It is also great for the experienced marketer who wants to have an extra income stream and make money very quickly.

This is the motto at Empower Network. Blog daily, tell others, make money.

Mole J

PS. Get more information on the Empower Network: Click Here To Watch The Video

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