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You often hear the stat that 97% of network marketers fail. Can you fail at network marketing?

Hi my friend, Mole J here. I hope you are having a great weekend. It is going to be very hot here in Northern Virginia this weekend.

You could be absolutely terrible at network marketing and not fail. The reason is that there is only way to fail in network marketing. That is just to give up.

Create Your Mission Statement in Network Marketing

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What is that you do? Can you answer that question. I could not until very recently.

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4 weeks ago if you asked me what do you do, I could not answer that question even if you gave me 30 minutes. I would probably respond with my job, an ESL Teacher. If they have seen me online and asked what do I do online, I would say I am in network marketing then I would talk for about 15 minutes confusing and boring them as I talk about you sign up this guy, he gets 3 he gets 3. Drawing a bunch of circles everywhere just trying to explain what I do.

Focus On 1 Marketing Technique Young Jedi

Are you doing too much? Is it possible to do too much in marketing?

Hi my friend, Mole J here. I hope you are having a fantastic day.

Sometimes in marketing you see some people spreading themselves too thin. They are trying to do a million marketing techniques. Still they are not seeing the results that they want.

Others are like people who jump from one company to another. They jump from one marketing technique to another hoping to find the magic bullet. When they hear about the new hot marketing technique, they are on to that one.

Basics of Marketing: Copy

The Gary Halbert Letter

Hi everyone. I am stuck in traffic here in Northern Virginia as I go to my English Class tonight. This happens a a lot in this area. We talked about what copy is and why it is so important to the internet marketer. Now I will give you three ways to improve your copy, and all of these are free. See you on the other side of the intro.

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Michael Rasmussen: Email Promos Exposed
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The Gary Halbert Letter
The Copywriter’s Guild

We have been through the capture page, the autoresponder, the list and building a relationships with those on the list. We are almost at the point of going to all the fun stuff, that is marketing. Before we get to that point, I want to share with you a skill you will have to develop.

Hi my friend, Mole J here. I hope you are having a fantastic day.

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