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What Is Affiliate Marketing On The Web


what is affiliate marketingAre you searching around the internet looking for an answer to what is affiliate marketing on the web, then you are in the right spot. My goal is to give you a simple definition to what is affiliate marketing and also why it is the easiest way to make money online.

You have access to a free affiliate marketing guide. It will guide you to what to consider when choosing an affiliate product and some of my top recommended affiliate marketing programs.

How To Create A Lead Magnet

how to crreate a lead magnet

Many struggle at generating online leads and it is fairly easy to see why. There is a lot of information on generating online leads that it can lead to information overload and that often leads to frustration, which leads to inaction. So here is an easy concept on what a lead magnet is, why it works, and how to create a lead magnet.

Some Examples Of Lead Magnets

I often listening to a local sports talk radio station here in Northern Virginia. I love their morning show (The Sports Junkies) and have been listening to them for years. Every now and then I hear an advertisement that I take notice of.

Some Tips To Avoid Ponzi Schemes Online

Tips to avoid ponzi schemes onlineBeing involve in network marketing or MLM, the big news is about TelexFREE being SEC and the raid by the FBI and Homeland Security. There are many details to the story. I have not looked at the working of TelexFREE and exactly what the company offered, but they are being charged with being a Ponzi scheme. So I thought I would write a short blog post with some to tips to avoid ponzi schemes online.

Just got finished watching the first video in the Internet Traffic Formula and the video is my reaction to this.

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Original post found here: What To Focus On In Internet Marketing Business

small business ideas for womenMany times people who are having a difficult time in an online business often are not focusing on income producing activities. Instead they are focused more what maybe important activities, but do not produce any income in an of themselves. Let’s take a look at some income producing activities in online direct sales.

What Are Income Producing Activities In Online Direct Sales

I would define an income producing activity in online direct sales is any activity that gets people or traffic to your capture page, sales presentation, and or order page. It sounds simple, but it is very easy to get caught an activity that is not income producing. So lets look at some popular ways to online marketing and breakdown the income producing activities in online direct sales.

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