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Some Tips To Avoid Ponzi Schemes Online

Tips to avoid ponzi schemes onlineBeing involve in network marketing or MLM, the big news is about TelexFREE being SEC and the raid by the FBI and Homeland Security. There are many details to the story. I have not looked at the working of TelexFREE and exactly what the company offered, but they are being charged with being a Ponzi scheme. So I thought I would write a short blog post with some to tips to avoid ponzi schemes online.

Just got finished watching the first video in the Internet Traffic Formula and the video is my reaction to this.

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-Mole J

Original post found here: What To Focus On In Internet Marketing Business

small business ideas for womenMany times people who are having a difficult time in an online business often are not focusing on income producing activities. Instead they are focused more what maybe important activities, but do not produce any income in an of themselves. Let’s take a look at some income producing activities in online direct sales.

What Are Income Producing Activities In Online Direct Sales

I would define an income producing activity in online direct sales is any activity that gets people or traffic to your capture page, sales presentation, and or order page. It sounds simple, but it is very easy to get caught an activity that is not income producing. So lets look at some popular ways to online marketing and breakdown the income producing activities in online direct sales.

Aweber Review

Aweber ReviewLet’s look at an Aweber Review. I talked about why an autoresponder is an essential tool for internet marketing, but I never mentioned which one I recommended. There are so many out there. You have Aweber, Get Response, iContact, Constant Contact, and GVO. These are just some of the ones I know off the top of my head, there are more. The one I recommend is Aweber and in this Aweber Review I will tell you why.

An Autoresponder Is An Essential Internet Marketing Tool

An autoresponder is the essential internet marketing tool for any internet marketer to have. I was in internet marketing for almost 1 year before I got my autoresponder. If I could go back this would be one of the first tools that I would buy. Let’s look at why it is important and the most effective way to use the internet marketing tool autorepsonders.

An Autoresponder Is The Essential Internet Marketing Tool. What is it? 

Even if you are not in internet marketing, you probably already know what an autoresponder is. You are probably already on the receiving end of an autoresponder.

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