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Bloggers Unite: A Free And Easy Way To Promote Your Blog

Promote Your BlogDo you have a blog and looking for a free way to promote your blog? I created a Facebook group called Bloggers Unite as a way to for you to promote your blog. You can join here.

Promote Your Blog: A Tribe

The first time I ever heard of a tribe was from a computer game by the same time. This was a first-person shooter game, and many people played it online and formed teams called Tribes. These tribes would play against other tribes in the game. One of my friends actually met his wife through this game.

Basic SEO Plugins

Basic SEOHere are some Basic SEO plugins that will hellp Worpress do fairly well with on page SEO. Two of these plugins are essential, and the other is optional and helps. Let’s look at some Basic SEO with plugins.

Very quickly if you are wondering, a plugin is a program you can add to WordPress. It can allow customization, add a service, and a number of other things.

Basic SEO Backlinks

We discussed basic SEO dealing with keywords. Now it is time to look at the most important part of SEO, backlinks. A backlink is a link on another website that links back to your website. There is a special HTML cod that makes your keyword or phrase become hyper linked.

The code is easy. This is the code <a href=”website” title=”keyword”>keyword</a> . Put your website address where it says website, be sure to leave the quotation marks. Both keywords should be the same. The second keyword between the > < will appear on the website (this is sometimes called an anchor text. When someone clicks on this part, they are sent to your website.

Basic SEO Keywords

Since I have not discussed this much on my blog, let’s discuss some basic SEO. To keep this from being a very long post I will do this in parts. If you go to a bookstore, you can find SEO books that are close to a thousand pages long. So to do this in 500-1000 words is very difficult.

Over the spring and summer, I was working on an affiliate blog I set up, Magic Of Making Up Review. I did this to learn and become more familiar with SEO and how it works. I could rank within the first few pages of Google, some on the first page. However, some have fallen a little in the search engines due to not updating and building links to that website lately.