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Skinny Fiber Review

skinny fiber reviewLooking for a Skinny Fiber Review?

Have you been introduced to this product from a friend? Alternatively, maybe you came across it from the internet? Now you are wondering if this product really works or is just a scam? This Skinny Fiber Review will look at the company behind the product and the product itself.

Just a disclaimer before I begin. I am not associated with Skinny Fiber nor Skinny Body Care. So if you decide to buy this product or join this company, great. If you decide not the buy this product or join this company, this is also great.

Attraction Marketing

attraction marketingHave you come across the term Attraction Marketing and wonder what is that exactly? Lately, there is a lot of talk about the Law of Attraction since the release of the book and movie The Secret. However, does this have anything to do with attraction marketing? Let’s look at what exactly Attraction Marketing is.

What is Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is when the marketer offers some information to the customer. This information is helping the customer with a specific problem while at the same time it is leading the customer to the service or product of the marketer. This allows the customer to see how the service will benefit them before they buy it.

The 6 Best wordpress Plugins

best wordpress pluginsIt can be crazy looking for the best WordPress plugins. I compiled 6 of the best wordpress plugins. Because I already did a post for the basic SEO plugins, these do not have much to do with SEO. These are dealing with statistics and help with both social bookmarking and media.

The Best WordPress Plugins For Stats

I love stats, especially when it comes to my blog stats. Numerous times during the day I check how many visitors I have had for the day. Some other stats I like to look at are, how long did they stay on my blog, how did they find my blog, what are my most visited pages (or posts), and keyword did they use if they used a search engine.

Bloggers Unite: A Free And Easy Way To Promote Your Blog

Promote Your BlogDo you have a blog and looking for a free way to promote your blog? I created a Facebook group called Bloggers Unite as a way to for you to promote your blog. You can join here.

Promote Your Blog: A Tribe

The first time I ever heard of a tribe was from a computer game by the same time. This was a first-person shooter game, and many people played it online and formed teams called Tribes. These tribes would play against other tribes in the game. One of my friends actually met his wife through this game.

Affiliate Marketing

<em>Affiliate Marketing</em> ” width=”300″ height=”300″ /><span style=Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make more money in marketing. Even if you are involved in network marketing or MLM, you should be engaged in some affiliate marketing. There are so many advantages of having affiliate products for sale and using affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s stuff (called affiliate products) and in return you make a commission on any product you sell through a special link you have on your website. Many websites offer affiliate programs that are free to sign up for. When you sign up you are given a special link that you put on your websites. If anyone buys something from the selling website through your link, you receive a commission.

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