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<p><a href=Attraction marketing requires some value or information to be given upfront, what should a newbie do in order to use attraction marketing? This can also apply to someone who has been in network marketing for a period, but have no results. How can these two types of people offer value in order to take the first step of attraction marketing? Let’s discuss this. What should you do if you are new or have no success?

Attraction Marketing and The Newbie: Mindset

Many marketers who are new or having little success feel they have nothing to offer, and that they are at a huge disadvantage. Successful marketers can point to their success to attract others, maybe they already have some information products available, and they have a lot of experience. Newbies have none of these things.

If you are a newbie or have little or no success as a marketer, here are some things you can do in order to start having success.

The first thing you can do is start thinking of yourself as a leader. This can be uncomfortable at first and affirmations can help here. One thing you must recognize is that you are no different from the so called marketing gurus, any leader from history, or any person people label as a genius. You have the same possibilities as all of these.

The next step is to start acting as a leader. Most know exactly how a leader will act in certain situations, but if you are unsure pick up a book on leadership. The next step is to start acting like you have already accomplished your goals in network marketing. You should already have some clear goals written down that you are reviewing everyday.

Since money makes a good example here, let’s say your goal is to make at least $10,000 a month from network marketing. Start acting as if you already make that much money. It is basically acting out on faith. Faith is just the things you hope for, but knowing that these things you hope for will come to pass.

The first two steps are essential, because you can know all the training in marketing, but lack the mental belief that you are a leader, and you will be spinning your wheels. By changing your mindset, you will start to realize that you have a lot to offer and couple this with some training, and you will be ahead 90% of other marketers out there.

Attraction Marketing And The Newbie: The Training

While the mindset is very important, it is also important to learn the solutions to the problems that your target market is struggling with. This comes from training. If you are a network marketer, you are solving other network marketers’ problems. These problems are no leads and no cash flow.

MLSP is a great option here. You can give people access to training from the top marketers, while you are going through the training. In addition, MLSP gives you a nice residual commission, so you are getting paid while you learn. This will take the pressure off of you as far as providing training. Of course, you are to help, but they have access to the training, and access to a whole community of the top marketers today. All they have to do is step out.

As a leader you should never stop learning. Your training will be continual, and you are always networking with other like-minded people. you learn something new, you share a lot of what you are learning. The more you share the better.

You give out this information without asking for anything in return and help those who step forward. This step forward will come in the form of filling out an opt-in form, email, or phone call.

Attraction Marketing And The Newbie: The Transformation

The transformation from a newbie to a leader is all about mindset and training. This may take time for some to start believing and acting as a leader. Others this may be immediate. It is different for each person, but give yourself time and start thinking of yourself as a leader and start acting like one.

To Your Success,

Mole J

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