<em>Affiliate Marketing</em> ” width=”300″ height=”300″ /><span style=Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make more money in marketing. Even if you are involved in network marketing or MLM, you should be engaged in some affiliate marketing. There are so many advantages of having affiliate products for sale and using affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s stuff (called affiliate products) and in return you make a commission on any product you sell through a special link you have on your website. Many websites offer affiliate programs that are free to sign up for. When you sign up you are given a special link that you put on your websites. If anyone buys something from the selling website through your link, you receive a commission.

There are some huge companies that have affiliate programs. Some companies are Amazon.com, Target.com, Barnesandnoble.com, Bestbuy.com, Walmart.com, and many more. The major drawback with these programs are the commissions are low, normally around 5% on each sale. However, if someone makes a large purchase, or you make a lot of sells you will receive a very nice commission.

Special note: Amazon has pulled its affiliate program in several states over sales tax. However, you still have a lot of good options like Barnesandnoble.com, Buy.com, Walmart.com, and Target.com.

The above are tangible goods. There are also digital products available for sell. Digital products would include ebooks, video tutorials, and other types of information products. Some of the bigger names in a niche may have their own affiliate program, and sometimes they do require you to buy one of their products first before you can market their products. There are few that are like this.

Then there are websites like Clickbank and Plimus, that offer thousands of different products from hundreds of categories. You can pick one or many affiliate products to market. These are websites are free to join, but you may want to buy the product first before you market it. Furthermore, some of the websites have special requirements you have to reach before you can receive your commissions. For example, with Clickbank, you have to make five sales in order to qualify to receive a check from Clickbank. You only have to do this once, and you still receive the money you made from the first five sales.

The great part of using these websites is the variety of products, but also the commission is very high. Normally, the commission is between 50% – 75%. For example, some ebooks sell for about $37. So for every ebook you sell, you can receive about $25, not a bad commission.

There are also membership products you can promote. The nice part of these are these have monthly commissions. So, you receive a commission on anyone whom you refer to the product and continue to use the product. So you can build a monthly residual income from these types of products.

Why should a network marketer be involved in affiliate marketing?

The number one reason would be to have an extra stream of income. Your company may have a great compensation plan, but an extra money is always nice. In addition, in network marketing you only make money when someone joins your company. Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money from those that do not want to join your company and are not interested in the products that your company sells. This is huge.

Some ways to do affiliate marketing?

Of course in network marketing, you do not want to get caught up in marketing just an affiliate product and not have enough time to market your company.

The easiest way to accomplish the above is to use an email auto responder like Aweber or Getresponse. You can make up a series of email that give value, but also sell one of your affiliate products. When someone joins your list, they will receive this email series. This allows you to make some money while building a list. Then when there is a new product launch, you can send the offer to your list.

Another way is to make a website and promote the products there. You can create a whole website around a product or a number of products in the same niche. If you are in network marketing, most of your affiliate products are going to be information related to your company’s product, marketing training, or a way to make money from home.

Affiliate marketing definitely should be part of your marketing arsenal. You are leaving a lot of money on the table if you do not use affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

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